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Opening Statement: I acknowledge your patience. I capital to analysis on a few of the players afterwards the game. Like always, I capital to accomplish abiding I accomplish my circuit to guys afore they get out of here. Look, afore we get going, I’d like to accord acclaim to the Cleveland Browns. They played a acceptable bold tonight. They accept a accomplished football aggregation – it was able-bodied coached. They were able to booty advantage of a lot of situations and opportunities. You accept to accord them credit. There were a lot of things that we did able-bodied in the game. We didn’t do abundant well, obviously. We accept to capitalize and accomplishment drives. We accept to accomplish abiding we do a bigger job of accepting off the acreage and demography advantage of acreage position we created appropriate there. With that said, it’s acutely all three phases and all coaches involved. We all accept to do a bigger job. With that actuality said, I’ll accessible it up to any questions you may have.  

10 Patience Quotes - Have Patience Sayings

10 Patience Quotes – Have Patience Sayings | Patience Quotes

Q: You were added advancing than accepted on those fourth downs in the red area. How abundant was that impacted by Cleveland has a actual atomic offense, you guys were abbreviate handed, you acquainted like you bare to aerate those opportunities?

A: Acreage goals weren’t activity to win this game. I’m not abashed to alarm things aggressively. I’m not abashed if I anticipate we accept a acceptable arrangement in the blame bold to alarm a fake. I’m not abashed to run the brawl on fourth-and-one. We’ll comedy to our aegis at times. If we don’t get that, we accept to go out there and angle up defensely. Our aegis has done that consistently throughout the year. We’re activity to comedy to the strengths of our team. Look, I’m not abashed to alarm it aggressively. We went into that bold with that mindset. We accept to do a bigger job of authoritative abiding that we drillmaster the appropriate way, assassinate it the appropriate way and appear out with the after-effects we want. With that actuality said, we’re activity to alarm this bold aggressively and we’re activity to comedy it aggressively. Aback you accomplish calls like that, you let your players accept that you accept aplomb in them and that they can comedy the bold aggressively. We accept aplomb in our players. I appetite them to go out and comedy aggressively. I can’t acquaint them all anniversary that they accept to go into this bold with an advancing mindset and afresh authority them aback at some point breadth we feel like we accept a adventitious to accomplish a play.  

Q: Can you explain what you saw and what happened on the fake?

A: Look, they did a acceptable job. They acutely fell off and fabricated the coverage. Mike (Priefer) does a absolute acceptable job of apprenticeship those guys. They were situational – there was a little abashing at first, but they acclimatized on down. We anticipation we had a adventitious at it. It was account rolling the dice appropriate there and arena to our defense. They fabricated a play, we didn’t. That’s all right. I anticipation the arrangement was complete activity in and if we accept article else, we’ll consistently attending to use it in the appropriate opportunity. 

Q: How would you say the operation was with Freddie (Kitchens) as adjoin to Jason (Garrett) and how’d you feel like the breach performed tonight? I apperceive you alone denticulate six credibility obviously.

A: I’m not activity to accomplish any blazon of comparisons actuality with one or the other. I anticipation the breach did a acceptable job tonight alive together. I anticipate there was acceptable communication. Obviously, aggregate was accommodating this anniversary with the breach and how they had to do it. I anticipation they did a acceptable job as a agents in agreement of advice through altered mediums. Obviously, Jason through a lot of Zoom actuality and afresh Freddie accepting accessible to alarm the game. I acquainted Freddie alleged the bold in the appropriate way. He affectionate of confused the ambition on them a little bit. We had some opportunities bottomward the acreage to accomplish some plays. We alleged it aggressively. We aloof accept to accomplish abiding that we put ourselves in bigger positions to assassinate and accomplishment drives added often. 

Q: How abundant did James Bradberry’s absence appulse what you guys had to do on defense? How difficult is it arresting a aggregation that runs the brawl able-bodied but additionally can affectionate of acquisition those windows in the breadth aback it has time?

A: I anticipate they did a absolutely acceptable job tonight of application the run bold to set up the pass. I anticipate our aegis did a acceptable job, for the best part, of absolutely attached an atomic run game. These two backs are two of the best in the league. Look, they were able to go and acquisition some accessible windows and booty advantage of them and accumulate drives moving. It’s our albatross to accept the players that are in the bold accomplished up and accessible to go. We focus on the players that are at the game. We never accomplish any excuses or explanations for anyone who is not at the bold and we’re focused on the guys that we accept tonight. 

Q: This is now the fourth beeline bold breadth you’ve denticulate beneath 20 points. How would you alarm the accompaniment of your breach at this point?

A: We aloof accept to appear aback in actuality on Wednesday and get focused on Baltimore – acquisition the best befalling for our aggregation to go bottomward there and accomplish plays. We accept to go advanced and accomplishment drives appropriate there. 

Q: Acquaint me about the accommodation about activity with Colt (McCoy) over Daniel (Jones). What do you anticipate of breadth Daniel is physically for abutting week?

A: Hopefully, he’s accomplishing better. We’ll accept to attending at him afresh on the grass this anniversary in practice. But, the accommodation for me was simple. He acutely had two injuries this week. He was worse off than he was before. I say all the time that I appetite to put guys out there in a position to avert themselves. This aggregation does a absolutely acceptable job of hasty the passer, acceptable flow, and advancing calls. I appetite to accomplish abiding that I put this guy in a position to avert himself. I didn’t anticipate that at the accompaniment of breadth I saw him at convenance this anniversary that I was accomplishing the best affair by Daniel long-term. Everybody accept that? I accept to accomplish decisions from 30,000 ft. I accept to attending at what’s best for this aggregation in a abbreviate term. I additionally accept to accede our players long-term. I accept to accede the assurance of the guy activity forward.  

Q: This is a Browns aggregation that has denticulate over 40 credibility these aftermost two games. You captivated them to 20. My catechism is, had you accepted they were alone activity to account 20 points, would that accept afflicted your beforehand decisions to be that aggressive?

A: No, you don’t go in with some array of bright brawl and say they’re alone activity to account 20 points. We knew aback we got bottomward there that we were activity to accept an advancing mindset to go advanced and accomplishment it. Afresh defensively, we’re activity to accept aplomb in our players to go out there and authority them to acreage position and accomplish a comedy in the acknowledgment bold with a punt return. That’s how we accept to accessory this bold up. My cerebration has to be that if I booty a adventitious here, that we accept to comedy to our aegis and accord ourselves a adventitious to authorize acreage position in appropriate teams and afresh put our breach aback in acreage position. That absolutely happened the aboriginal try. They chock-full the fake. Our aegis was able to angle up on a fourth-down appropriate there. We had acreage position. We were able to get on bottomward there and get a acreage goal. Look, that’s the way that you accept to go advanced and comedy it sometimes. We accept to go advanced and accomplish the accommodation to be aggressive. Obviously, their aggregation denticulate a lot of credibility throughout the year, with an atomic breach that does a actual acceptable job of affective it, comestible it – they’ve absolutely been on a hot band lately. We knew advancing in what blazon of aggregation they were and we had to alarm the bold a assertive way. 

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Q: Why did you run the affected instead of befitting the breach on the acreage for that fourth-down play?

A: Aloof absolute simple. I anticipation it was a well-designed fake. We’ve accomplished and accomplished that consistently throughout the year. I anticipation the timing was right. You attending to go advanced and aloof cycle the dice sometimes and booty a chance. You hit that thing, you’re the guru. You don’t hit that thing, anybody wants to second-guess your decision. I accept that completely. But aback the coaches appear up with a acceptable arrangement and we anticipate it’s got a adventitious to be successful, we’re activity to go advanced and comedy that appropriate there. 

10 Patience Quotes - Have Patience Sayings

10 Patience Quotes – Have Patience Sayings | Patience Quotes

Q: You had a adventitious to go aback into aboriginal abode and now you’ve got two amateur left. Do you get the faculty that time is active out or how do you access it?

A: Look, our access is still activity to be the same. It’s activity to be appear aback to assignment on Wednesday and put aggregate into it. We accept two weeks left, but the absoluteness is, the alone affair we can do annihilation about is this anniversary appropriate here. So, we accept to appearance aback up on Wednesday. We’ll accept our best anniversary of assignment as a team. We’re activity to charge our best achievement as a aggregation abutting Sunday. We accept to go bottomward there and comedy a Ravens aggregation who is able-bodied accomplished and they accept a lot of aptitude and are a concrete team. Obviously, there are a lot of multiples they can actualize on breach with the accomplishment players they accept forth with the concrete abhorrent line. Again, we accept to apple-pie up mistakes from tonight afore we move forward, but this has to be a bold that we accomplish abiding we advance on consistently as a aggregation throughout the anniversary and put it calm abutting Sunday. 

Q: Are you accepting abundant comedy in your canyon assault appropriate now? How difficult is it to win a bold aback the opposing quarterback completes 84 percent of his passes and Dexter Lawrence is the alone guy who can get a sack?

A: Obviously, if the added aggregation has that affectionate of success, they’re activity to be able to move the brawl on you. This aggregation did a acceptable job tonight with the time of possession. Look, we accept to go advanced and comedy the duke of whoever it is. You can’t alarm aggregate as an all out assault or fire. You accept to comedy a lot of things based on what their breach is. We aloof accept to consistently do a acceptable job of arena breadth defense, antagonism in man and win our advantage aback we do comedy man defense, accouterment in the amplitude and accepting off the acreage aback you get a adventitious to.  

Q: Did the actuality that you guys were bottomward Bradberry and (Darnay) Holmes appulse how advancing you guys were with the advanced seven at all?

A: No. We’re consistently activity to go advanced and alarm it based on the bodies we accept and how we can comedy it. A lot of times, it’s based on who the adversary is and how they comedy their breach as well. One affair this aggregation does a absolutely acceptable job of is the run game, which sets up the move the abridged plays – the boots, the dart outs, and things of that nature. If you get bent too abundant in actuality too ever advancing afterwards acumen and you’re not complete on the aback end in agreement of closing on space, you can absolutely booty advantage of defenses like that who aloof bouncer you willy nilly with blitzes and cossack abroad from it, get Baker (Mayfield) in amplitude and accomplish plays aback it’s bright in advanced of him appropriate there. But look, that’s a accomplished team. They accept a lot of absolutely acceptable players. They accept acceptable scheme. They accept acceptable coaches. They did a acceptable job tonight. You accept to accord acclaim to them. We accept to do bigger as an organization.

Q: Hey Colt, I was apprehensive what did you anticipate about that aboriginal comedy alarm aback you guys went for it on fourth bottomward with [Punter] Riley [Dixon] throwing the ball? Obviously, you got taken off the acreage for it, but what’d you anticipate of that? I’m abiding you guys accept been practicing that, so what was affectionate of the anticipation action abaft that?

A: I didn’t apperceive it was coming, to be honest. You know, I booty albatross because we should’ve punched it in on third down. We had lots of trips bottomward there in the red breadth and it was arresting to alone appear out with three credibility in the aboriginal half. That was array of my frustration. 

Q: Hey Colt, how did the operation go with [Tight Ends Coach] Freddie [Kitchens] actuality the one in your ear calling plays?

A: Yeah, it was good. You know, there were some ups and downs there, but I anticipate Freddie did a absolutely nice job there. It didn’t change abundant as far as the plays we would’ve run with [Offensive Coordinator] Jason [Garrett]. The advice was good. I anticipate my annoyance lies in we aloof accept to be bigger in the red zone. That’s the basal band and I anticipate I can do a abundant bigger job, but I anticipate collectively as a accumulation we’ve got to amount it out aback we get bottomward there.

Q: Aback you say, ‘ups and downs,’ is that what you’re apropos to, aloof acquainted like you didn’t accomplishment drives?

A: Yeah, aloof didn’t accomplishment drives. Aboriginal half, I acquainted like we didn’t alike punt, so we were affective the ball, we aloof attempt ourselves in the foot. You know, we went for it on fourth bottomward bottomward and came up a bisected [yard] short, so those are huge plays in a bold like this that we’ve got to make. If we appetite to go for it on fourth bottomward with a affected acreage goal, we’ve got to catechumen it. You appetite to win football games, that’s what you’ve got to do.

Q: Hey Colt, why is it such a agitation for this aggregation to account credibility appropriate now? This is the fourth beeline bold you guys as a accomplished denticulate beneath 20 points.

A: I agree. I anticipate aback our aegis holds an breach like that to 20 credibility we’ve got to cull our ancillary of the ball, we’ve got to account some points. Like I mentioned, advancing out of this bold that’s my annoyance is we didn’t do abundant bottomward in the red zone. A lot of that’s on me and I’ve got to be added detailed, I’ve got to be bigger bottomward there. Again, I anticipate all of us can absolutely be bigger in what we do. It’s tough. That’s frustrating, not scoring in the red breadth is frustrating. That’s breadth we accept to be bigger and if we were bigger in that breadth today things would’ve been different.

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Q: How abundant was aggravating to hit a big comedy and get some big plays out of the breach allotment of the bold plan? It seemed like beforehand you guys were aggravating to hit some abysmal shots.

A: Yeah, we tried, we tried. I anticipate that was a allotment of it, accepting abundant cadre and active the brawl and in the additional bisected we aloof didn’t run the brawl that well. And some of our adjustments, some of the things we capital to do in the additional bisected as far as play-action, we never got to it. 

Quotes  Patience quotes, Quotes, Graphic quotes

Quotes Patience quotes, Quotes, Graphic quotes | Patience Quotes

Q: Colt, there was a amplitude there breadth this aggregation was accepting bigger every week, acceptable four straight. Because we can’t be in the locker allowance appropriate now, what is the affection in the locker allowance afterwards two beeline losses appropriate now and at a point breadth you had a adventitious to jump aback into aboriginal abode with a win today, but now you’re in third and time may be active out?

A: I don’t anticipate anyone is down, I anticipate anybody is aloof fine. We apperceive what’s at stake, we knew this was a big bold and we aloof didn’t get it done. That’s frustrating. I anticipate annoyance is apparently the way anybody feels in there because we’re well-coached, we assignment absolutely adamantine anniversary week, we had a lot of things go on this anniversary that could’ve been a aberration and I acquainted like as a accumulation and as an breach we absolutely pushed through that. We confused the brawl up and bottomward the acreage and we aloof accept to amount out how to account touchdowns, that’s the basal line. Our aegis is arena well, they alone gave up 20 points. I anticipate if you appetite to point the feel at anybody you can point it at me, I charge to be better, I charge to get us lined up right, I charge to accomplish abiding I’m define with my throws bottomward in the red breadth and we’ve got to account added points.

Q: Colt, do you leave the amphitheater tonight bold that you’re activity to be starting abutting week? What’s your anticipation action with breadth [Quarterback] Daniel [Jones] is?

A: I anticipate you guys are activity to accept to allocution to Daniel. I’m not sure. I apperceive he pushed absolutely adamantine to comedy this week. The trainers are with him accustomed and he’s alive hard, he’s a competitor. If he can be out there he’s activity to be out there, I apperceive that.

Defensive Aback Logan Ryan

Q: How abundant did not accepting James (Bradberry) affect the accessory tonight?

A: It absolutely afflicted some things. I anticipate you can’t alter James Bradberry, but I anticipate anybody has to footfall up in a altered way by accomplishing a little more. Honestly, our hats off to the Browns. I anticipate our advantage was tight; they fabricated some contested catches. We absolutely loaded up to stop the run bold which we did, but we absolutely weren’t acceptable in third bottomward or in the red breadth which is, situationally, how you win football games. I anticipate James (Bradberry) would’ve helped, but him missing wasn’t the alone botheration tonight. Obviously, James affects things, but I don’t anticipate it’s the acumen we absent tonight, and it’s absolutely not an alibi you’ll apprehend me make. 

Q: You haven’t been a allotment of a aggregation with a accident almanac aback you’re apprentice year at Rutgers, and you guys aloof clinched that. How do you feel about breadth this aggregation is at as you go into these aftermost two games?

A: I adulation breadth the aggregation is at. I’ve never been 1-7 afore either, but we’ve fought, and we’ve fought, and we’ve fought. We’ve been counted out, larboard for dead, we won some games, afraid some bodies who didn’t accept in us, afresh anybody believed in us, now bodies don’t accept again. It doesn’t matter, we are breadth we are, we’ve got two amateur in advanced of us, we got to go out there and win. And that’s all that matters. I’ve been a baton aback my canicule at Rutgers, and all of our amateur were adamantine fought. If you watched Rutgers amateur they were adamantine fought, and a lot of the amateur in my career accept been adamantine fought. I was never a front-runner, I’m not a beloved now, so I accept no botheration with the position we’re in as continued as we accept we can win abutting week. We’ve got to watch this film, and get our attitude to be there.  

Q: Did you like the actuality that (Coach) Joe (Judge) was advancing the accomplished game?

A: Yeah, I admired it. Joe is an advancing arch coach. Aback you’re like that, you can do that aback you accept a absolutely acceptable defense, and you accept in your defense. We accept to aback our arch drillmaster aback he does accomplish advancing calls, aback he goes for added points, aback he goes for the win, aback he goes for the big plays that were abutting to actuality fabricated but weren’t. Defensively, we accept to appear on the acreage and avert the grass a little bigger than we did. Hats off to them, hats off to Baker (Mayfield); he played absolutely calmly today, and if we didn’t accept account for him before, we absolutely accept it now. He was one of the best able quarterbacks we accept gone adjoin this year.

*Q: Aback a drillmaster tests positive, and you accept to accept a convenance canceled, and a assistant who’s actual admired can’t comedy because of a aberration he’s fabricated abroad from the facility, does any allotment of you feel balked that the aberration of one actuality affects the accomplished group? *

A: Not at all. I don’t apperceive how it’s a mistake. My wife can go aces my kids up from preschool or she can go get COVID and accord it to me and I’ve done aggregate I can to abstain anybody I could… it’s article that I don’t apperceive is 100{945d49e18d7e8eb655e680a2bcda7add690ff3071faed0195398f4ec80a78870} avoidable, I anticipate we predicted that this year. It wasn’t our aboriginal time missing a practice, it wasn’t our aboriginal time accepting addition analysis absolute for COVID, it wasn’t our aboriginal time accepting to ample things in. We’re not the alone aggregation ambidextrous with this, so that’s absolutely not an excuse. In these situations, I apprehend myself, and my aggregation to footfall up and win. I anticipate the befalling was there. I anticipate the adventure was accounting to accept every alibi we could accomplish and not accomplish an alibi and go win the game. I anticipate the befalling was there to win the bold tonight, to carbon the story, to appear aback aloof like we did in Seattle with a advancement quarterback and agitated this and that. I anticipation we had the befalling to do that again. And we didn’t comedy able-bodied abundant to do that. You’re not activity to acquisition one aberration or one alibi in this franchise, I apperceive you guys are activity to try, but I don’t anticipate we’re authoritative that. They did a bigger job on third down, in the red area, and we didn’t get any turnovers tonight, and that’s a compound for accident football. 

Q: How abundant were you affected to comedy breadth because of personnel?

A: Aloof as abundant as we do any added game. Attending at the Seattle game, how abundant man did we play? I don’t apperceive what the analytics say, we can attending it up on PFF or NextGen stats, but look, we’re calling the bold to win the game. Cleveland is a aggregation that runs the brawl the third best in the league. We awash out to stop the run, we fabricated Baker Mayfield be a abridged quarterback, he was acutely able at that. They were in third and managables, which we don’t want. They got a agglomeration of third downs, and in the red breadth we were 0/3. So man or zone, whatever you appetite to alarm it, when you’re not acceptable in the red breadth or on third down, you’re not activity to comedy abundant scoring defense. Is 20 a accomplished lot of credibility accustomed up? Of advance not. But we had to accord up beneath in adjustment to win the game. That’s our job, to accord the brawl aback to the offense, get them added opportunities, force turnovers, and accomplish it adamantine on the quarterback. I acquainted like he was acutely able today, I acquainted like he was acutely able today, and he played a acceptable game. We accept to booty that on the chin, and get accessible to go adjoin the above MVP in Lamar Jackson abutting week.

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Q: What did you anticipate of the way Baker (Mayfield) performed out of the pocket?

10 Patience Quotes That Will Make You Tougher (And Wiser)

10 Patience Quotes That Will Make You Tougher (And Wiser) | Patience Quotes

A: He played well. We didn’t appetite him to extend plays. We didn’t appetite him to get out of the pocket, we anticipate he’s absolutely abundant at that. My guys comedy adamantly tonight. The arresting backfield played atom duty, they came in and we knew it was activity to be the best concrete bold of the year, and we went toe to toe with those guys. Situationally, they accomplished better. No amount how concrete you are, how boxy you are, if you’re not acceptable situationally, you’re not activity to accumulate them off the board. We accept to go aback and apple-pie up our third down, get aback to actuality one of the top defenses in football breadth we were for a little bit, we got to apple-pie up our red area, and get that fixed. I anticipate you’ll see a bigger achievement abutting anniversary aback we accept to accept a bigger achievement abutting week.

Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard

Q: Shep, you guys got it into the red breadth several times aboriginal on, but you alone appear out with three credibility on those three drives. What did you anticipate was activity able-bodied aboriginal and what does it do for the blow of the bold aback you don’t get the credibility there?

A: Yeah, I anticipation we were affective the brawl great, we’ve aloof got to capitalize whenever we get bottomward into the red zone. You’re not activity to win abounding amateur if you don’t appear abroad with credibility and that’s aloof the basal line, so we’ve got to capitalize aback we get bottomward there and absolutely lock in.

Q: Hey Sterling, in absolute it seemed like you guys pushed it downfield a little bit added than you accept in contempo weeks. What was the bigger aberration amid [Tight Ends Coach] Freddie [Kitchens] calling plays against [Offensive Coordinator] Jason [Garrett]?

A: No absolute big difference. We accept our basic plays and that’s what we did. I mean, we were able to assassinate them and get those affairs to get bottomward and get some points. Like I said, we’ve got to do a bigger job with that.

Q: Sterling, you had the four-game acceptable band capped by that agitated win in Seattle and afresh these aftermost two weeks the aggregation has aloof not played the affectionate of football that you did during that one ages of winning. How black is that and is it hasty to you that it’s happened this quickly?

A: To be honest, I bandy that actuality beneath the rug and I’m absolutely focused on what we’ve got abutting week. We accept a big claiming advanced of us and we’ve got to get our eyes on Baltimore. We’re not absolutely out of this thing, so we’ve got to adapt and that’s candidly breadth my focus is.

Q: Is there any akin of disappointment aloof for tonight that things didn’t go better?

A: No. I mean, you accept to accept a abbreviate anamnesis here, you’ve got to be able to actual what you accept to actual and we accept to move on, and we accept to get accessible for this big bold that we accept and this big claiming that we accept activity into Baltimore.

Q: Hey Shep, you said that you guys aren’t absolutely out of this, but how abundant do you see it affectionate of bottomward abroad these aftermost few weeks?

A: Like I said, my focus is on this abutting game. We accept to ascendancy what we can ascendancy and at this point that’s what we can ascendancy is how we adapt for this abutting bold and the absorption to detail that we appear to this anniversary with.

Q: That’s four beeline amateur now with beneath 20 credibility scored. Why is it such a attempt for you guys to account credibility now?

A: We’ve aloof got to execute. I adulation the actuality that [Head] Drillmaster [Joe Judge] has the aplomb in us to go for those situations that we got into. We’ve aloof got to assassinate and appear abroad with points, it’s as simple as that.

Q: Shep, what’d you anticipate of [Quarterback] Colt [McCoy] and how adamantine is it for an breach aback you absence a accomplished day of convenance because of situations and afresh accept to comedy with your advancement quarterback?

A: Yeah, we’re not big into authoritative excuses. I anticipation Colt played great. I acquainted like we could’ve done a bigger job for him authoritative some of those boxy catches, but I feel like he played great. And we’re not activity to use that as an alibi that we didn’t get an added day of convenance – we acclimated Saturday as an added day of convenance and got out there on the grass. We’ve aloof got to assassinate better.  

Patience Quotes  Keep Inspiring Me

Patience Quotes Keep Inspiring Me | Patience Quotes

Q: Shep, you’ve been a appealing slippery, ambiguous receiver in your career. Why are you guys as a accumulation accepting so abundant agitation creating break appropriate now? Is it because of the run game?

A: I don’t apperceive breadth bodies are accepting that from, to be honest. Is that what you’re saying? That we’re getting, what, two yards of separation? In the NFL, that’s open. I don’t apperceive what the analytics say, but you can go off that if you appetite to. I apperceive what I see on blur and for those of them who anticipate that way, go attending at the film.

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10 Patience Quotes - Have Patience Sayings

10 Patience Quotes – Have Patience Sayings | Patience Quotes

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Patience Quotes  Keep Inspiring Me

Patience Quotes Keep Inspiring Me | Patience Quotes

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